Local information

Hotels in Casablanca:

The following hotels are located in the heart of Casablanca city, near to a Tram stop to get to the ENSEM school of engineering in a half an hour or so. Tram travel costs less than 1 US dollar in local currency:
  5* hotels:
Hôtel Grand Mogador Marina, 30 mn Tram + 5mn walk.
Hotel Farah, 35 mn Tram + 5mn walk.
  4* hotels:
Kenzi Sidi Maârouf, 5 mn Tram +10 mn walk.
ODYSSEE Hotel, 35 mn Tram +10 mn walk.
  3* hotels:
IBIS Casa Sidi Maârouf, 5 mn Tram +10 mn walk.
Hotel Campanile Casablanca Centre Ville, 35 mn Tram +10 mn walk
Hotel Kyriad Residence, 35 mn Tram +10 mn walk.
Hotel Al Walid, 30 mn Tram +10 mn walk.
  Student Residence:
BAYT AL MAÂRIFA, located just un front of the ENSEM school (2 mn walking), quite low price with main facilities including Wifi, very convenient for PhD students.

Additional hotels:
The following hotels are located in the city center but not located near a Tram stop. Therefore, one needs to take a (red) Taxi to get to the ENSEM school, the price of a travel is 3 to 4 US dollars (in local currency):
Hotel Barcelo Casablanca (5-star hotel).
Art Palace Hotel & Spa (5-star hotel).
Kenzi Tower Hotel (5-star hotel).
Gray Hotel (5-star hotel).
Hyatt Regency (5-star hotel).
Barcelo Anfa Casablanca (5-star hotel).
Le Casablanca hotel (5-star hotel).
Hotel le doge Relais & Chateaux (5-star hotel).
My Loft Anfa (4-star hotel).
ONOMO Hotel Casablanca City Center (4-star hotel).
Down Town Hotel By Business & Leisure Hotels (4-star hotel).
Hotel Exe Casablanca (4-star hotel).
Gauthier hotel (4-star hotel).
Apart hotel Adagio (4-star hotel).
Avenue Suites Casablanca (4-star hotel).
Kenzi Basma Hotel (4-star hotel).
MELLIBER Appart Hotel (4-star hotel).
Hotel Yto (2-star hotel).


Quick meals in the city center:
Le Cabestan , ✆ 0522 391190.
Le Gatsby , ✆ 0522 261062.
La Sqala, ✆ 0522 260960.
Le Petit Rocher, ✆ 0522 362626.
Veggie , ✆: 0707 066243.
Snack Italien , ✆ 0522 204741.
Ptit coin food , ✆: 0690 769727.
Barak'A GRILL , ✆: 0522 229998.


dipndip Morocco Mall , ✆ 0522 797208.
L'Atelier Oriental , ✆ 0522 456200.
Boga-Boga, ✆ 0522797960.
Tiky Taka , ✆ 0651 815891.

Good tables:

Ahmet Chef, ✆ 0662644455.

Luigi, ✆ 0522 390271.

Organic Kitchen, ✆ 05 22943775.

Ashokai Sushi gauthier, ✆ 0522 262633.

Yo ti tam, ✆ 0522 261262.

Up Market:

Morocco Mall (is the largest shopping centre in Africa).
Marina shopping Center, Casablanca.
Anfa place mall.
Central Market.

Getting around:

The Taxis, Tramway, and Buses will take you around Casablanca. Within Casablanca and its close suburbs, use preferably Red Taxis and tramway network to get to:

Hassan II Mosque

AïnDiab Beach

The Casablanca Marina

The Arab league Park

Museum of Moroccan Judaism

Morocco Mall

Mohammed V Square

Abderrahman Slaoui Museum


Once upon a time...

Hailed as the biggest city in the Kingdom of Morocco, Casablanca is situated in the center-west portion of the nation on the Atlantic Ocean. Considered as the biggest place in the Maghreb, the city is additionally one of the biggest and most significant metropolitans in Africa, in terms of finance and in demographics. Casablanca, a city of history, a city at the heart of modernity. It is the beating heart of Morocco today. It is a testimony to a human occupation dating back more than two million years. From its ancient name Anfa, which means hill, it becomes from the beginning of the XXth century, a city full of progress and modernity. Moreover, the film "Casablanca" (1942) dramatically reinforces the symbolic image of this Moroccan city "which has opened to lost souls the doors of a country where they can live without fear of dying". The Second World War re-launched the economic and demographic development of the city, which continues to this day, through a development that seeks to maintain a balance between the assets of yesterday and the challenges of today, between the preservation of a unique heritage and sustainable development. Casablanca is not only a competitive financial and academic center, it is also a metropolis of 5 million inhabitants, the largest in the Maghreb, and it is now positioned as the privileged gateway to sub-Saharan Africa.