Event format

ALCOS 2022 is planned to be held as a HYBRID event. Accordingly, each participant will have the possibility, when registering to the Workshop, to choose whether he/she will attend in-person or in-remote mode. In any case, rest assured that we will offer flexible solutions if last-minute travel restrictions arise.


The organizing committee of ALCOS 2022 is very happy to welcome you in Casablanca to meet renowned scholars and practitioners from all over the world. Casablanca city is not only the economical capital of Morocco, but also a center of culture in the Mediterranean region, where modernity and exoticism coexist harmoniously.
ALCOS 2022 is organized under the auspices of the International Federation of Automatic Control - IFAC, and the technical co-sponsorship of the IEEE Control System Society , by: the following institutions:

The University Hassan II of Casablanca - UH2C, Casablanca, Morocco.
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Electricité et de Mécanique, Morocco.
The University of Caen Normandie, UNICAEN – Caen, France.
Ecole Normale Supérieure de l'Enseigneiment Technique, Mohammedia, Morocco.
The National Center for Scientific and Technical Research (CNRST), Morocco.
The Société d'Automatique, de Génie Industriel et de Productique - SAGIP, France.
The Groupe de recherche « Modélisation, analyse et conduite des systèmes dynamiques » - GdR MACS, France.
The Moroccan Association of Automatic Control - MAAC, Morocco.


One fundamental problem in control theory is: how to achieve and maintain a high level of control performance despite large model uncertainty?
Adaptive and Learning Control offer solutions to this problem. They propose a set of techniques for designing Controllers, Observers, Identifiers, Predictors, Filters and Supervisors featuring the capability of real time self-adjustment.
This workshop has the goal of bringing together researchers and practitioners interested in adaptation and learning, providing them with a forum for presentation of recent developments and assessment of the most promising trends for future research.
In IFAC, ALCOS workshop is a three-year periodic event rooted in a long standing series originated in San Francisco (1983) and continued in Lund (1986), Glasgow (1989), Grenoble (1992), Budapest (1995), Glasgow (1998), Cernobbio-Come (2001), Katayama (2004), Saint-Petersburg (2007), Antalya (2010), Caen (2013), Eindhoven (2016), Winchester (2019).
ALCOS 2022 in Casablanca is going to be ALCOS’s first time in Africa.
Unless the pandemic situation deteriorates, the event will be held in-person format, with plenary sessions, regular sessions, invited sessions, panels, coffee/lunches, social events. In case this proves not to be possible (for pandemic reason), a switching to hybrid in-person/online format will be operated in due time.

Scientific sponsoring

ALCOS 2022 is mainly sponsored by the IFAC Technical Committee TC 1.2: Adaptive and Learning Systems and co-sponsored by:

TC 1.1: Modeling, Identification and Signal Processing.
TC 2.2: Linear Control Systems.
TC 2.3: Non-Linear Control Systems.
TC 2.6: Distributed Parameter Systems.
TC 3.2: Computational Intelligence in Control.
TC 4.2: Mechatronic Systems.
TC 4.3: Robotics.
TC 6.1: Chemical Process Control.
TC 6.3: Power & Energy Systems.
TC 7.3: Aerospace.
TC 7.5: Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles.
TC 8.2: Biological and Medical Systems.
TC 8.3: Modelling and Control of Environmental Systems.

ALCOS 2022 also enjoys the technical co-sponsorship of the IEEE Control System Society.

Paper publication

Papers presented at ALCOS 2022 will be made available on-line on the IFAC-PapersOnLine.net website and will be citable via an ISSN and a DOI.